Walkway / Sidewalk Repairs Calgary

Our sidewalk repairs can make your property safe again. Over time ground water can cause your soil to contract and expand, resulting in movement. This soil erosion breaks down your walkway’s foundation causing damage to the concrete above. Likewise, if your soil was improperly compacted during installation it will eventually lead to the same problem.

When soil disruption becomes severe enough unsightly waves, cracks, rusted rebar or general unevenness may appear, changing the appearance of your concrete walkway.  If that were not enough, plant and tree roots can also slowly move concrete over time, creating cracks and gaps.

Sidewalk Repairs Calgary

Sunken Walkway Repair

Walkway Repairs Calgary

In addition to being an eyesore, this concrete damage can also pose a hazard for anyone using your walkway. Everyone from guests to your local mailman has an increased risk of slipping and falling when your walk way has sunken or heaved.  With our advanced concrete lifting technique and grout mixture we can fill the area beneath your concrete slabs, lifting them back to grade level. This will also fill in any gaps in the underlying soil, preventing further movement and fixing the affected area or areas into their proper place.

Replacing your walkway can be expensive and doesn’t actually get to the root of the problem. However, concrete walkway lifting & leveling (or mudjacking, as it is also known) is affordable and generally costs half the price of traditional concrete replacement services.  Most jobs are completed in just a few hours and in many cases you’ll be able to use your walkway as soon as your project is completed.

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