Why use Concrete Lifting?

Significant benefits over other concrete services.
walkway repairs
sidewalk repair

It will save you money

It is much cheaper than replacing your foundation, as it only involves raising the concrete slab and stabilizing it once it is level.

Concrete Lifting is usually half of what it would cost to replace the slab. This is not including the cost of demolition, excavation and other extra expenses that come with replacing a slab.

You don’t have to worry about color matching

The second big advantage is that the concrete will not be mismatched, as it would with replacement. Since it has not been replaced, your concrete will still match, in both color and texture, with the surrounding concrete.

This is most important when you have stamped and or stained concrete.

Ensure your landscape remains intact

This method of repair is minimally invasive. There is no excavation involved. No heavy equipment will be brought in that is likely to damage your landscaping. You therefore won’t have to incur the cost of having your beautiful landscape restored after the repair work is done.

Minimal disruption to your household

The project will be completed in one day.

Many people cringe at the thought of structural repair. They imagine a dozen workmen with heavy machinery working away for days to have the problem repaired.

This isn’t the case with mudjacking. It can be done in a short time depending on the level of sinking and the size of the area being repaired. It is a fast and convenient way of repairing sinking slab.

The Filling provides a strong base

The slurry containing concrete material injected beneath the slab provides a strong base; especially with our source of material.

That is why we warranty our work for 5 years.

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