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What is Mudjacking

Mudjacking Calgary Services. Mudjacking (also referred to as concrete lifting, or slabjacking) is the process of pumping a water, clay and cement mixture under a concrete slab in order to lift it. This mixture is called slurry.

It’s a cost saving process used throughout North America to solve sunken concrete problems, including sinking garages and concrete stairs, uneven sidewalks and patios.

Concrete can sink or settle for several reasons. If the original concrete installed was not compacted properly, the slab will start to settle within a few years. Also in Calgary, soil erosion can be caused by the severe Calgary winters.

mudjacking calgary

Age is another factor, once the slabs are over ten years it often starts to sink. Once concrete sinking happens, it can cause walking hazards, unwanted water runoff/icing, or major foundation issues.

The mudjacking process is fairly simple. First, small holes are drilled into the concrete slab to be lifted. Slurry is then pumped into these holes under pressure, filling any gaps under the slab. When the gaps are filled, the slurry becomes pressurized, and raises the slab hydraulically to the necessary height. In the final step, the holes that were originally drilled are then filled with a concrete mixture.

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